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The DragonBoat Beaufort team keeps growing. The photo below is from the April, 2012 DragonBoat Beaufort practice. Click on the photo to see a larger image.

DBB-TEAMAlex Strozier - I am  a breast cancer survivor for 15 years and am still going strong. I joined DBB as an inspiration for others to know that there is life after cancer and it is good! Hang in there! Life is Good!!

Amy Kraft - While viewing the award winning film "Awaken the Dragon" I was moved and inspired to begin a group in Beaufort. As one of the founders of DragonBoat Beaufort, I am honored to provide an opportunity for survivors and others touched by cancer; to commune on the water. I lost a dear friend to cancer This is my way to honor her memory. Never Forget ~HJK~

Andrew Lyons - We have all been touched by cancer in some way. I joined DBB because I love to paddle but this is a far greater journey than just being on the water with a paddle. This is about a team supporting each other and working together with one purpose to move that boat as fast as possible but more importantly to give hope and encouragement to each other. Paddles Up!

Angie Calhoun--retired school teacher, native Beaufortonian, breast cancer survivor for 16 years (Yeh!), I believe in importance of physical exercise for good health.  A friend told me about DBB, and I was sold since I love being on the water.  What a great group of people to be with.  Reach it out!

Barbara Kelly and Richard Darby, her husband, (DBB's webmaster) share a DBB Board position. Both are supporters with many friends and family members who have battled cancer. Richard is a professional photographer, web and graphics designer who plays 12 string guitar in the Sometimes Later Band. Barbara retired after 33 years as administrator of the Pathology Department at University Medical Center, SUNY @ Stony Brook. She is a member of Sea Island Spirit Writers and is working on two novels written from their greyhounds 'points of view. Barbara did her 1st Dragon Boat river practice 6 weeks after her 1st knee replacement. Her rehab has been inspired by the courage and determination of her survivor team mates. The dream that kept her going during therapy was that she would be one of the team members paddling Beaufort's 1st dragon boat to its home at Port Royal Landing Marina - 7 weeks after her 2nd more complicated knee replacement.

Bonnie Osment - July 6th I will be a one year survivor of Uterine Cancer. Three weeks after my surgery my best friend was diagnosed with lung/liver cancer. She died in January and another friend died of that same cancer in March. I spent most of the last year mourning my friends and feeling guilty for surviving. At the Relay for Life I found the DragonBoat Beaufort gang and they have done more for me than they will ever know. If you are looking for a friendly, caring, totally accepting, fun-filled team come join us. You won't be sorry!

Cindy Jacobus - Janice Fulp introduced me to the DragonBoat Beaufort experience. I have not seen the documentary but the experience I have had with this fabulous group of people is just a hint of the great things to come for DragonBoat Beaufort. I am a survivor having experienced a very rare tumor in my sinuses resulting in eight surgeries over the course of seven years I have been well since 1987. I lost my husband to multiple myeloma two years ago. He put up a great fight for three and a half years. I want to help people through the experiences I have had by encouraging, listening and doing all I can to support them in their journey.

Cynthia Cook- physical therapist, caregiver for husband, father, friends who have had cancer. Very aware that I... or any of us... could be diagnosed any day.... joined DBB after being encouraged by Milbrey Gnann and after seeing the amazing documentary. Great people... and it's fun! Paddles up!

Greg Rawls - I have been dragonBoat racing for 5 years on a corporate team in Charleston. The comradeship and competition makes it exciting! I was thrilled to discover that a fledgling DragonBoat team was forming in Beaufort. I've had many friends and family affected by cancer, and want to support this effort.

Janice Fulp - A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia Janice has lived in Beaufort for 16 years. As a career R.N. she has a special connection to those undergoing cancer diagnosis and treatment. This team provides support, companionship and physical activity. She is thrilled to be part of $ragonBoat Beaufort!

John & Erica Dickerson - Having lost 3 parents to cancer, and almost a sister – this is a cause near and dear to their hearts. Both grew up on the water and want to share the experience with cancer patients and survivors. Erica is an experienced Hospitality Interior Designer, having designed and specified more than 350 hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs across the country. John worked for NCR Corporation delivering systems worldwide for their Army Contract. He then Started SOHO Systems, designing network systems for businesses. In 2008, they founded Domi Adsum, LLC. (loosely translated: "I'm Home" in Latin) where they restore neglected cottages in the Historic District of downtown Beaufort, SC.

Kathy & Charles Holley - Charles & I are both survivors. I was diagnosed with euroendocrine tumors about two and a half years ago and was told that my cancer was aggressive and needed to be on chemo within two weeks. Long story short, I became quite ill. Meanwhile, my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He was beside himself and wasn't quite sure about how he would share this with me, so he did not for two weeks. We had just narrowly escaped running into each other in the clinic, when he realized that it was best to let me know. It was tough enduring the fact that we both had to receive treatment. Our children were awesome in assisting us with all the things we needed. Family and friends continue to support us, and we are most thankful to them and God for our many blessings. Charles continues to have some bone problems due to medication he was taking and I am still on a daily chemo regiment – nothing like the intravenous type.

Kyle Faucher - Board member, Captain, and a 4 year survivor of Colon Cancer.  My father recently passed away after being treated for small cell brain cancer and he is my inspiration to help people in treatment, survivors, caregivers, family, and all of us who have been affected by cancer.  Dragon boating has changed my life and has given me hope that the human spirit overcomes any adversity.  The absolute joy I feel every time I get in a boat is boundless and I want to share that experience with anyone and everyone.  Please join us.  PADDLES UP! 

MaryAnn McCracken Mikell - An unsuspecting mole was excised from my chest; Dr. Sharpe told my Mom "it's probably nothing". Days later I learned the word MALIGNANT. I was 10. The fallen look on my Moms face, I can still see today. That was almost 50 years ago. I have seen that LOOK on many faces, but most closely in my sister in law, Nyshie Seymour. We call her Big Giant Nyshie (BGN). Her strength and courage over the last 6 years; GIGANTIC. Her cancer affects US. Cancer affects us ALL. For me, Dragon Boating echoes: We are ALL in this Boat together. I like that WE paddle and roar!

Mary Ann Thomas - I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and went through a decade of surgeries, chemo, radiation and a bone marrow transplant. My odds of making it 5 years were very slim. I am so blessed to still be alive. I am thrilled to be a part of DragonBoat Beaufort. My husband Jeff and I own The Cuthbert House Inn in downtown Beaufort. I am on the Main Street Board of Directors and I volunteer for many different things in Beaufort.

Mary Kay Demchak - I paddle because I live, having survived 12 years now from my original breast cancer diagnosis. The second , just 3 weeks after reaching my 10 yr. survival. At this point, I have outlived my sister, who died at 49 from this disease. Life is good!! How can I not?!

Milbrey Gnann - Looking for support and some physical/mental therapy, I decided to join the Dragon Boat Beaufort team. Dragon Boat racing has positively changed the lives of many people for many years. I know our team will do the same. As a new paddler, it is a hard workout but so much fun!

Nancy Frigon - is a first grade teacher in Beaufort County. She was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer in February of 2012. Since her surgery at Beaufort Memorial in February, she has made a fabulous recovery. She joined DragonBoat Beaufort after seeing the inspirational documentary Awaken the Dragon. Nancy appreciates all the love and support she has received from her family, friends, and her DragonBoat Beaufort team.

Penny Pearson - I'm a 7 year breast cancer survivor after a double mastectomy.  I was lucky to have found a lump early, and to insist that we be more aggressive than "watch & wait".  I'm a retired critical care nurse. My husband, Bo, and I moved to HHI 12 years ago.  I was introduced to DBB by Clare, who'd seen "Awaken the Dragon" and was inspired to be a founder of DBB.  I lost a dear friend, a 39 year old nephew and two parents to cancer and have several friends who are fighting this disease now.  Iit's inspiring to be able to paddle with a group who all have such a positive energy in common.  PADDLES UP! 

Richard Norris - Richard is paddling in Honor/Memory of his Great friend Keith Cummins. Richard has been married to Jean Gurley for 31 years. They came to Beaufort in 1988 . Richard is an Estimator with REA Contracting and Jean teaches Kindergarten at Mossy Oaks Elementary School. They have two daughters: Jordan is a Graduate of Beaufort High School and Presbyterian College and is the Director of The Voices at Beaufort High School, and Meredith, also a Beaufort High School Graduate and is a Junior at USCB majoring in English. Richard and Jean are members of Sea Island Presbyterian Church. They were Commodore and First Lady of 50th Water Festival in 2005 and can't imagine living anywhere else.

Rosa-Leah (Ro) Leek – 3 year breast cancer survivor. When first informed of DBB I thought, what a fantastic activity. Since joining, I have discovered that together, we are one amazing group... We live, love, laugh and cry about life. But that's okay because in one way or another "WE'RE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT"

Teri Anderson
- 18 month lung cancer survivor. I paddle. I paddle to the beat of my heart and all the other hearts out there touched by this horrible disease. It gives me strength every time I paddle the boat with our team. Come join us and be a part of the strength we all share. Paddles up.

TZiPi Radonsky - I was inspired by the film's focus on team work and the body-mind connection and that healing is letting yourself into your heart and living life fully! I want to be around people who live that what we believe, together we can do anything.