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Just Add Water

The DragonBoat Beaufort team was born on February 18, 2012, practically while the credits were rolling, at the screening of the award winning documentary, "Awaken the Dragon".

DBB-TEAMThe film won Best Documentary and Audience Choice awards at the 6th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival held in Beaufort, SC. This documentary examines how one small group of cancer survivors is facing the challenges of their recovery. Filmmaker Liz Oakley introduces us to an unlikely crew who have found an unconventional path to wellness through the Chinese sport of dragon boating.

A group of cancer survivors who attended the screening were so moved by the film that they immediately set into motion a plan to create a dragon boat team in Beaufort. By the time the screening was over, Clare Taylor and Mary Ann Thomas knew what they had to do."It was definitely a moment," Thomas said.

They are part of a group who have organized DragonBoat Beaufort, a competitive boat racing team for cancer survivors and supporters. Inspired by the camaraderie and support captured in the documentary about Dragon Boat Charleston, the two breast-cancer survivors want to bring the same opportunity to Beaufort.

The above video is of the kick-off of DBB's first gathering and "dry practice".

Water Added

The DragonBoat Beaufort team's first water practice.

Just 77 days from the day it was founded, DragonBoat Beaufort competed in the Charleston Dragon Boat Festival in Charleston, SC.